Test we use






Skeletal system



Cholesterol levels

Reproductive tract

All results in one place

All you have to do is to complete a test or two, accordingly to your fibromyalgia. Once the results are obtained, we will know how to treat fibromyalgia and how to act properly. In other words, we will have all the details we need to know in order to provide successful treatments.

No room for errors

All our tests are carefully designed to obtain and extract as much information as possible at any given moment. Only then we are able to react. Once again, this is something all professionals in the matter should use and it is more important than you may believe.

Each test data is properly processed

After we get the tests, we will send it to our team of experts who are responsible for analyzing the data and determining the main causes of the issue. After this, the test results are processed by the second team. The results must match 100% both times in order to avoid any mistake or error.